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Summit Conservation Limited is a building façade restoration company with over 20 years experience in the conservation and restoration of listed buildings and period homes. Much of our work is on major public buildings, monuments and church restoration all of which feature on our other website www.summitconservation.ie.

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We are now one of the recognised leaders in the field of building restoration and our work at Trinity College was recently featured on RTE News

Having worked on some of Ireland’s most prestigious homes from Georgian Houses to the Victorian Red Brick , the team of conservators at Summit have wide experience and varied knowledge of the problems and challenges which may be involved in maintaining older buildings.

Everything from the repair and maintenance of traditional roofs and slating to the management of rainwater goods and flashings , to façade maintenance, re-pointing and repair.

Competitive Prices

Summit employ a team of conservators with a genuine passion for the restoration and conservation of historical buildings and period homes and using only traditional materials and methodologies achieve a very high standard of workmanship. As a small company we also pride ourselves on our ability to remain competitive.

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We are always delighted to provide a competitive quote for your project, regardless of how large or small your project is!

Sometimes a site visit , coupled with some sound advise can reduce a seemingly huge and expensive problem to a routine piece of property maintenance.

The Contracts Managers at Summit will work hand in hand with the property owner to develop the most cost effective methodology of repair.

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We do not charge for advice and all quotations and site visits are without obligation. Please feel free to call us on the above phone numbers or alternatively, fill in the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements.


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